Academic writing

Master degree is about reading, writing, and reporting. Discussion in between.

It's got to be objective. Find sources.

Primary sources
Secondary sources, compile of primary sources
Tertiary sources, compile of secondary sources

The professor know all book, no plagiarism, don't copy paste, they know, even I know.

University have many libraries
And you will have access to previous thesis

Carry notes everywhere
Dont procrastinate
Read critically

Do not underestimate

Ms: married woman who do not use husband name


Parantheses = Brackets

Do not translate address

1990s (nineteen ninetees)
1990 (nineteen ninety)

there is no aphrostope 1990's <--- wrong

was and were will always written in full.

Drafting, editing and proof reading
thats why dont procrastinate
Summarise the data



Example of direct quotations

Dr Yixuan Ma, a well-known  astrophysicist who has been studying black holes, said, "They are the most interesting phenomena we astrophysicists have ever studied."

As she explained, "In black holes the laws of nature do not seem to apply."

"A black hole is a tiny point with the mass 25 times the mass of our sun," explained Ma's associate, Chun-Yi Su. "Black holes are created by the death of a very large star," she stated.

"It is an invisible vacuum cleaner in space," he added, "with tremendous gravitational pull."

According to Dr Su, "If a person falls into a black hole, he will eventually be crushed due to the tremendous gravitational forces."

"Time will slow down for him as he approaches the point of no return," she said, "and when he reaches the point of no return, time will stand still for him."

Examples of indirect quotations

Television channel KSA General Manager Jim Vurns said that not everyone can attend college in the traditional way, therefore, taking courses via television will offer many more students the chance to earn a college degree.

Pre-med student Alma Rodrigues said that he missed being on campus, but he had to work and take care of his family.

Other student said that previous year, they spent several hours a day commuting to and from school. Then they didn't have to do that.

Computer engineering student Amir Mehdizadeh stated that he could choose when to study and how to study without pressure. He also said that he would take two more telecourses in the fall.

MLA Bibliography

Corliss, Richatd and Michael D. Lemonick. How to Live to Be 100.


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