Academic Wiring: Punctiation

Comma That cannot be used with comma If it look paralel but the subjet is there, put comma before and. Practice 1 (comma) 2. A company that wants to be successful must spend a great deal of money to advertise its products. 3. Advertising is essential to the free enterprise system, yet it can sometimes be very annoying. 4. Every minute of the day and night, people are exposed to ads on television, on billboards, in the newspapers, and in the magazines. 5. Yo cannot even avoid advertising in the privacy of your own car or your own home, for advertisers have begun selling their products in those places, too. 6. In the last few years, advertising agencies have started to hire young people to hand out circulars on street corners and in parking lots. 7. You can often find these circulars stuck on your windshield thrust, through the open windows of your car, stuffed in your mailbox, or simply scattered on your front doorstep. 8. Because Americans are exposed to so much advertisi

Academic writing

Master degree is about reading, writing, and reporting. Discussion in between. It's got to be objective. Find sources. Primary sources Secondary sources, compile of primary sources Tertiary sources, compile of secondary sources The professor know all book, no plagiarism, don't copy paste, they know, even I know. University have many libraries And you will have access to previous thesis Carry notes everywhere Dont procrastinate Read critically Punction Do not underestimate Miss: Mrs: Ms: married woman who do not use husband name Dash Hypen Parantheses = Brackets Do not translate address 1990s (nineteen ninetees) 1990 (nineteen ninety) there is no aphrostope 1990's <--- wrong was and were will always written in full. Drafting, editing and proof reading thats why dont procrastinate Summarise the data Plagiarism Practice Example of direct quotations Dr Yixuan Ma, a well-known  astrophysicist who has been studying black h

Theory, Literature review, and Hypothesis Formulation

Theory Framework based on facts Descripting theory Following rational logical thinking Criterias of good theories Can explain phenomenon Clear and concise Logical and fit with the facts or general belief Can predict possiblities of phenomenon Recent Reliable theory Its validity can be proven with new or more comprehensive data. Thinking framework A diagram that outline the flow of logic of a study. Theoretical framework can be proposed on: Available theories New theories, or modification of available theories Literature review Should show all relevant documents, both published and unpublished. Information required Subject specific Research method Steps required Identify and access published and unpublished materials on the topic of intererset Extract systematically the relevant information Write up the literature review Example Introducing subject behavior that take risks and company performance Why it is important to study Id

Introduction, Problems, and Variables

Introduction Provides readers with the background information for the research reported in the paper. What is the main reason that we study the object. Based on Available Statistics Observation Literature review Inspiration for problems Deduction from theories Interdisciplinary perspective Discussion with practitioner Personal experience by visual observations Relevant literature Good research problems Useful for general public Supporting various perspective Realistic, possible to study (feasible and researchable) Problems must be suitable with researchers qualifications.  Types of variables Causal relationship independent dependent moderating intervening/mediating Kualitas pelayanan (I) ---> Kepuasan pelanggan (D) Kualitas pelayanan (I)---> Kepuasan pelanggan (D)                                      ^                    Faktor demografi (M) Kualitas pelayanan (I) ---> Kepuasan pelanggan (in) ------> loyalitas pelan

Research Method

Research Goal Problem Solving Theory making Answering questions Research type Pure research (theory making) Applied research (problem solving) Descriptive research (description of a phenomenon) Correlation research (to find correlation between variables) Explanatory research (explaining my something happened) Exploratory research (go deep into phenomenon to find factors) Quantitative research (quantifying phenomenon) Qualitative research  Research Objectives Proofing available theories, deductive (Bachelor Degree) Developing available theories, deductive (Master Degree) Finding new theories (Doctoral Degree) Research elements Problem(s) Theoretical Framework (literature study) Concept definition Dimensions and Variables/Indicator Hypothesis Steps Concept ---> Dimension -- > variable --> indicator Concept example Behavior Dimension examples environment health facility costs inflation Variable examples parents edu

Archimate 3.0

By Lyndon D'Oliveiro Archimate 3.0 Notation Passive Structure= Object, tidak ada behavior (bisa melakukan sesuatu, cuma bisa diperlakukan) Active Structure= Subject, yang melakukan Behavioral = Predikat, kegiatan Archimate membuat business menjadi lebih agile karena membuat jadi blok blok UML=lebih spesifik software arsitektur Archimate=more big picture, UML tidak sesuai untuk big picture. Layer Layer -Strategy -Business      -Application -Technology -Physical -Implementation & Migration BAT = Core Language Relationship Panah = Serving Panah Putus Putus, segitiga gede = Realisas i Serving (panah tidak putus putus) Service = External element, duduknya di luar, dilihat customer Proses = Internal element, duduknya di dalam Realise = yang menghasilkan yang dominan, he is in control. dia yang control. ga bisa kalo ga ada dia Serving = yang menerima yang dominan (biasanya dari service) Access (panah putus putus) Panah masuk ke dalam data, data me

TOGAF v9.1

by Lyndon D'Oliviero Architecture Development Method (metode pengembangan arsitektur) IDENTIFY THE CHANGE Business goal: 1 Meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan Business Strategy: 1.1 Mengurangi biaya operasi 1.2 Menambah lokasi/channel 1.3 Meningkatkan service Technology Strategy: 1.1.1 otomasi 1.2.1 quality control 1.3.1 integrated platform Contoh: Business: Pelayanan Lelang Business goal: 1. Lelang lebih dikenal oleh masyarakat luas sebagai alternatif jual beli Business Strategy: 1.1 Meningkatkan kemudahan dalam pelaksanaan lelang 1.2 Meningkatkan publikasi Technology Strategy: 1.1.1 Aplikasi e-auction 1.2.1 Publikasi melalui media sosial Tujuan masuk di fasa A (architecture vision) DEFINE THE CHANGE Fase B , Business architecture B: Proses dan peran Identify the change: apakah yang perlu diubah Define the change: apakah building block yang perlu diperbaiki Business: people & process Fase C: Information System Architecture (Data & Ap